Department of Financial Services

The Financial Services Department of the Municipality of Aradippou is responsible for the management of the finances of the Municipality, the management of fixed assets and generally for the orderly and efficient management of all operations and procedures
related to the financial operation of the Municipality as well as the effective management of the procedures related to its procurement

The Department is responsible for:

  • the collection of all taxes, fees and rights of the Municipality
  • keeping the accounting books of the Municipality
  • the compilation of the Municipality’s budget
  • the control and realization of expenses
  • the preparation and control of the staff payroll
  • issuing financial statements
  • the preparation of final accounts
  • the purchase and supply of machinery and consumables for the needs of the Municipality.

The Department includes the following areas:

  • The Collections Office
  • Accountant’s office
  • The Municipal Warehouse


What are the main responsibilities of the Collections Office?

  • Collects from the Citizens and generally from all taxpayers all taxes, fees and rights of the Municipality of Aradippou.
  • Issues collection receipts and registers them in the taxpayers’ portions.
  • Delivers to the Accounting Office on a regular basis all receipts together with the corresponding statements.

In what ways can payments be made?

Payments of taxes, fees and duties can be made in one of the following ways:

  • At the Municipality Fund in cash, checks issued in the name of the Municipality of Aradippou and credit cards.
  • The cheque, made out in the name of the Municipality of Aradippou together with the bill form, can be mailed and proof of payment will be sent by post.
  • In all Banks and Cooperative Institutions.
  • Directly from the commercial bank or cooperative credit institution of the taxpayer, after he has given a relevant standing order (direct debit). For this purpose, the account details should be given to the Tax Department of the Municipality so that a copy of the invoice can be sent to the bank/co-operative institution.
  • Electronically through the JCC company.

What are the public service hours?

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

How can I contact the Collections Office?

Loizos Kontonikolas:  
Marina Stavridou:

What are the main responsibilities of the Accounting Department?

  • Maintains the accounting books of the Municipality.
  • It takes care of the collection of Municipal revenues and carries out expenditures applying the fiscal directives and accounting principles and provisions.
  • Exercises control over Municipal revenues and expenditures.
  • Receives from the Collections Office all the collections of the fund and arranges the direct deposit of the collections into the bank accounts of the Municipality.
  • Conducts departmental correspondence.
  • Prepares the annual report of the year’s results (accounts and balance sheets).
  • Prepares the next year’s draft budgets for submission and discussion at the plenary session of the Municipal Council.

What are the public service hours?

Those interested in receiving checks from the Municipality of Aradippou can collect them from the accounting office on Thursdays from 8:00 am. – 1:00 p.m.

How can I contact the Accounting Office of the Municipality of Aradippou?

Fotini Symeou Orthodoxou:
Maria Stylianou Ioannou:
Marina Stavridou Georgiou:

What is the role of the Municipal Warehouse?

In the municipal Warehouse, the tools, machines and other movable property of the Municipality are kept, which are handed over to employees of the Municipality for the execution of work. Materials and other consumables for the needs of the Municipality’s services are also delivered from the Municipal Warehouse. For the control of stocks, the corresponding computerized statements are kept.

How can I contact?

The manager of the Municipal’s Warehouse is Mr. Loizos Agathokleous.



Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Fotini Symeou-Orthodoxou

Assistant Secretarial Officer


Assistant Secretarial Officer


Assistant Secretarial Officer





Constantina Papacosta