Department of Health Services

The object of the Department of Sanitary Services of the Municipality of Aradippou is to take care of public health in our Municipality.

What areas does the service deal with?
A key element of public health is environmental hygiene in our Municipality. To ensure the above goal, the Department of Health Services deals with:

  • Dealing with nuisances, e.g. problems that directly affect the health and safety of citizens.
  • The fight against rodents and insects with a spray crew.
  • The ban on keeping animals and birds in a residential area.
  • The control and issuance of dog ownership licenses, in accordance with the provisions of the “2002 Dog Law”, Law 184(I)/2002.
  • The control of public swimming tanks, according to the “Public Swimming Tanks Law of 1996”, Law 105(I)/1996, and the “Public Swimming Tanks Regulations of 1996”, KDP 368/1996, for the suitability of water.
  • Enlightening citizens on public and environmental health issues.
  • The examination from a health point of view of applications for the issuance of town planning permits and building permits.
  • Issuing and taking care of the service of out-of-court summonses, notices and written complaints.
    1. The removal and destruction of dead animals and birds found in public places.
    2. Citizens’ complaint on issues of the Department’s jurisdiction.
      1. Other related issues.

How does the Municipality take care of food and drink control?

Planned and unannounced inspections are carried out to ascertain the sanitary conditions and compliance with hygiene regulations of food and beverages intended for human consumption, the cleanliness and sanitary condition of premises or premises where such food or beverages are prepared, sold or consumed, as well as the appliances , machinery, tools, articles and things used in connection with such food and drink.

When does the Municipality intervene and in what way?

The Department has the authority to confiscate and destroy or dispose of any food, beverages, objects, etc. deemed to be a risk to public health.

When is the trash collected?

Garbage is collected twice a week from each residence and property. We have divided Aradippou into two sectors. In the first sector the garbage are collected on Monday and Friday and in the second sector Tuesday and Saturday.

Where do the garbage go after being collected?

The Municipality collects the household garbage and transports it to the approved Integrated Solid Household Waste Management Unit, the X.Y.T.Y. Kosi.

What is the potential of the Municipality for the collection of garbage?

Twelve workers are employed for the above purpose, including the drivers. The collection is done with three garbage-carrying vehicles.

What time does the meditation take place? How can we find out about the program?

If you want to know when the Municipality collects the garbage from your house, go to the right column of the home page and click on the chapter “Garbage collection schedule”.

Where are the garbage placed for collection?

Citizens are requested to place their garbage in closed plastic baskets to avoid stench and nuisance in the streets.

Are recyclables collected on separate dates?

If you want to know when the Municipality collects recyclable materials from your home, go to the “Recycling” section below.

Are there different drop-off areas or bins for collecting recyclables?

Citizens must not put old electrical and electronic devices in the trash or in the packaging of materials for recycling, but hand them over to the shops of importers of electrical devices that are members of WEEE Electrocyclosis Cyprus (more information on the website .

What is the garbage fee for houses and properties and how is it calculated?

The garbage fee for houses amounts to 190 euros. However, there are different categories of charges for which the citizen must provide the necessary supporting documents so that he is charged accordingly.

When do I have to pay the garbage fee and in what ways?

The tax related to the collection of garbage is sent every six months, ie twice a year. As with all information, payments can be made from banks, electronically or at the Municipality’s cash desk.

How does the recycling service work in the Municipality?

The Municipality of Aradippou joined the packaging recycling program (paper, plastic, metal, glass), after contracting with the private company Green Dot Cyprus.

When is the collection of recyclable packaging?

Every Thursday morning, citizens must place recyclable materials, except for glass, on the sidewalk of their home.

Are separate bins required for placing each material separately?

All papers must be placed in the special bag or plastic box and the rest in another special bag or basket.

Where can one place glass recyclables?

Glasses are not collected from the company vehicle because they can injure the employees who will collect them. Instead of being collected from the houses like other recyclable materials, an arrangement has been made for citizens to place their glass bottles, etc. in special large plastic boxes that have been placed in various places in the Municipality, so that access to them is easy.

Is there a relevant map? Where can I consult him?

More information is contained in the special brochure published by the Municipality. If you want more information, go to the “About” section below.

Is there any additional cost or benefit to collecting recyclables?

Are there any additional costs depending on the volume of materials I drop off?

When, according to the Act, is a vehicle considered abandoned and must be removed?

According to the “Municipalities Law of 1985”, Law 111/1985, if a vehicle remains on a public road or in an open public or private space for a period of more than three weeks, it is considered abandoned.

What is the procedure for removing an abandoned vehicle?

The Municipality proceeds with the necessary procedures provided for in article 92A of the above law for his removal. Serves a notice to the owner of the vehicle or, where the vehicle is on private premises and the registered owner of the premises, to move the vehicle. When the vehicle is not moved within 4 weeks, the Municipality can sell it.

What is the contact number to report abandoned vehicles in my area?

The contact number of the service is +357 24813012.

What happens in cases where the owner of the vehicle cannot be notified?

The vehicle remains in the storage area and all necessary measures will be taken to locate the owner and inform him.

Can someone recall their vehicle if the removal has already taken place?

Yes, he will have to visit the Municipality offices to settle the matter.

Is there a fine for the owner if he does not comply with the notice and the Municipality undertakes to remove the vehicle?

The owner is asked to pay the transportation costs of his vehicle if he wishes to collect it. Otherwise, after the end of the period, the Municipality will proceed with the auction or destruction of the vehicle.

Citizens who wish to get more information or make a complaint about the above issues can contact the relevant office of the Municipality, in the Municipal Hall of Aradippou or contact by phone at 24811086 or electronically at the address:
Telephone number for receiving stray dogs: 97829988



Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.